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Consulting means different things to different people. To us, it means bringing our most experienced business and technology resources to bear on providing alternatives and answers that will help you maximize your existing IT investment, reduce costs and improve efficiencies.
Our consultants take a structured, planned approach, specific to your business, your requirements and your goals in identifying alternatives. Big or small, public or private, Wazobia.com's IT Consulting Division can help you identify the right IT answers for your organization.

    Prevent your IT department from being backed into a corner. We’ll analyze your business and technical requirements to find the right IT answer before you’re forced into an expensive IT commitment. Our consultants are experts in helping you develop the "vision" for your IT infrastructure and operations.
    Time to turn the strategic vision into reality – some assembly required. Our Consulting Division can help identify the nuts and bolts in connecting the IT components of your vision. What fits where and in what order. Whether you lack the skills with newer technology or your staff simply does not have the time to take on one more project, we can fill the gap.
    You have been given the task to migrate a legacy system into your modern IT infrastructure. This will require an approach, a budget and a leader. It turns out that you’re the leader. But don’t go it alone. Our consultants can help you develop the plan (including risk mitigation), identify costs and opportunities, and provide the experienced feed back you need to insure that the project is moving in the right direction – success!
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