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Application Development & Software Integration Practice

Applications need to talk to one another, get along. Installing, troubleshooting, automating, customizing, developing, maintaining, performance tuning—these are just a few of the areas we specialize in.

Wazobia.com’s software development services team will develop and customize the solution to fit your specific IT and business needs, whatever they may be.

    Maintain a competitive edge and improve responsiveness in your organization by extending your collaboration capabilities beyond the inbox. Wazobia.com has the ability to improve the productivity of your staff and enable users to share, manage and organize information more efficiently, across platforms. Contact us to learn more about our business collaboration solution.

    Developing your IT solution isn't just about writing the code anymore. Modern business solutions require all sorts of middleware, tooling, and similar expertise. Wazobia.com can help you get started and prepared to meet the business challenges of the 21st century.

    For the last couple of years, application development methodologies and technologies have evolved. From console character based applications to GUI client server and into today’s modern browser-based applications.

    Wazobia.com has been developing modern business applications during that entire evolutionary path. Today, Wazobia.com leverages the best of agile and disciplined software development methodologies to create business applications. Wazobia.com has experience in vertical markets that include government, retail, insurance and membership along with Open Source, .NET, and J2EE technologies. From departmental to enterprise solutions, Wazobia.com has the experience to help you create modern business applications.

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